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To provide quality based technical Education to the students.
To provide a good academic environment by exposing the student to quality education.


To prepare students for the competitive environment and inculcate in them the importance of entrepreneurship and to establish self- supporting enterprise.
To disseminate the knowledge through Seminars, Conferences and presentations.


To try to network the institute with the industries and to provide the intermittent training facilities to the trainees in the industries.


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Superintendent’s Message

Ever since its inception, the ITI Gool has striven to be an exemplary role model in the field of education and it has succeeded admirably towards this goal. With its holistic approach to education, we strive consistently for high academic standards and commitment to the all-round development of our students. It has over the years earned the reputation of being a primer and much sought-after hub of learning where young minds are meticulously molded to face the challenges of life.

I am quite confident that with the unstinting help of our top management, we will continue to uphold the ethos of ITI Gool and further strive to achieve better results in the years ahead, justifying the reputation of being among the best institutes in the world. Our quest for excellence will continue unabated and our commitment will be reflected in the academic results year after year..

Administrative Offices

ITI Gool Administrative section doing best work for the institution.

About the ITI

Govt. Industrial Training Institute  was established in the year august 1985 by the Technical Education Department, Government of Jammu and Kashmir under the overall aegis of Directorate General Employment and Training (DGET), Ministry of labour and Employment, Government of India New Delhi.

Academic Experience

ITI  Gool provide quality based Technical Education to the students.

Professional Education

ITI Gool  provide a good academic environment by exposing the student to quality education.

We are a dynamic and engaged ITI dedicated to excellence in research and teaching.